13 Mar 2018

The theme of Triangle’s conference is ‘Opening Doors’, focusing on positive responses when children or young people may be telling or showing you that they are at risk.

Much child abuse goes unreported (85% of child sexual abuse according to the Office of the Children's Commissioner, 2015). Adult responses to early concerns are key to children’s safety. Guidance to front line staff is very prohibitive, often telling people what not to do. This conference takes the opposite approach and will give you

  • Evidence-based responses for when children say or do concerning things.
  • The latest research on children’s memory, children’s evidence and trauma.
  • A fresh look at why ‘disclosure’ is not a helpful term .
  • Ways to keep an open mind when listening to children.
  • An understanding of why believing every child is not a good idea.
  • Ways to engage with children's everyday experience.
  • Ideas for innovative work in preventing child sexual exploitation.
  • An update on how children’s evidence is being heard in criminal and family courts.
  • An evidence-based framework for analysing the early pick-up of concerns.

The conference will be held at etc.venues Victoria in London

The speakers lead the field in research and practice, combining knowledge from social work, policing, psychology, forensic interviewing and intermediary work. Guest speakers include Ann Coffey MP, who will focus on listening to children and young people at risk of sexual exploitation and Professor Jan Horwarth who will focus on the essential need for practitioners to understand the daily lived experience of the child.

The other speakers work together in Triangle’s forensic interviewing, intermediary and training teams. Reg Hooke and Ann Stuart MBE share a background in child protection policing and safeguarding training. Dr Kim Collins lectures in psychology at Teesside University. Ruth Marchant and Charlie Orrell have backgrounds in psychology and speech and language therapy, specialising in children’s evidence.

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The conference will run in London on 13th March 2018, click here to book

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