What is All Join In?

‘All Join In’ is an inclusive group of young children that meets monthly to provide consultation and advice to Triangle, and through Triangle to other organisations. The group was set up in 2003. The group works in a range of ways, including through art, sign, music and play.

Who is in the group?

All Join in is currently run by Maxime. Triangle aims to maintain a very diverse membership: around half of the group are Deaf, disabled or have significant health needs. This includes learning disability, physical disability, sensory impairment and autism, and children who communicate through sign, symbol or behaviour. We also aim to ensure a mix of age, gender, ethnicity, and life experience, for example making sure there are children in the group who have experienced the safeguarding system where so much of Triangle’s work takes place. There are always children in the group who have experienced serious abuse or neglect, been subject to care proceedings and placed in foster or adoptive families. We do not share personal information about individual children within or beyond the group.

What does the group do?

The purpose of the group is consultation. We have learnt that there are real gains in working with stable groups of children over time, as they become more competent as consultees, both individually and as a group. This is particularly true for disabled children who may have had restricted opportunities to develop their views and have them heard.

The group is involved in the development of resources and the recruitment of staff within Triangle, and a wide range of work for other organisations. The group has made a video about inclusion and difference and ‘All Join In’ was the youngest ever group to present at parliament (to the All Party Parliamentary Group in October 2004). They continue to give valuable insight into what matters to young people in all areas of life.