Triangle provides skilled support for children and young people in different settings including legal proceedings.

Triangle is independent. That means we aren't part of social services or the government, or the police or the courts.

On this website you can find out all about Triangle and what we do.

Triangle is an independent organisation; not part of any government department, charity or voluntary agency.

We provide specialist services for children and young people up to age 30, across the UK. We have particular expertise with very young children and those with complex communication needs arising from impairment or trauma. We are regularly instructed in the most complex and high profile situations, and have been involved in many landmark developments in children’s evidence and in careful, child-centred communication. We also provide training and resources and contribute to national policy and guidance.

We work directly with children, young people and families, we teach and advise parents and professionals and we provide communication assistance and expert opinion to the courts.