How can I get to Triangle?

Click "directions" for details of how to get to us by car or public transport.

Why is Triangle not a charity?

  • We believe that children have a right to be safe and to be heard in matters affecting them, and that these are basic rights.
  • We believe that presenting children as competent and active is an important safeguard and we want no part in presenting children as vulnerable or pathetic or passive.
  • We need children and young people to hold genuine power in the organisation and the charity commission prevents under 18s from being trustees.
  • We want to be able to develop new ways of working, to innovate quickly and to invest income immediately back into the organisation.

This is why we have chosen not to seek charitable status or pursue fundraising, but to be an independent organisation: a limited company focussing purely on delivering services, accepting commissions and instructions that fit our values and mission.

How is Triangle led and governed?

The five directors of Triangle have all been in the organisation for more than 15 years and all work directly with children. Our backgrounds are in psychology, youth work, education, social work and therapy. Individual team members are registered with their regulating body, e.g. the HPC, the IRB, the NMC, the GMC.

Triangle is guided by several consultative groups of children and young people, who advise us and input to all our recruitment and all our practice development. Young people are also employed as trainers and assessors and within the central team.