Jan Horwarth is Emeritus Professor of Child Welfare at the University of Sheffield. Since taking early retirement, she has been working as an independent consultant advising LSCBs and agencies on the development of policies and practice. Her approach is to develop systems and processes that are child-centred and has the family’s lived experience at the heart of decision-making.

At the Opening Doors conference Jan will focus on the essential need for practitioners to understand the daily lived experience of the child. She will also argue that to understand why there are safeguarding issues and to address unmet needs it will help practitioners to know about a day in the life of the parent or carer.

Jan has a social work background and worked as a social worker, trainer and manager in a variety of settings. She has researched and written on a range of topics including: child neglect, the management of child protection systems and assessment practice. Her work has informed government guidance in a number of countries.

Jan has published widely on working with children. Her recent, relevant books include: The Neglected Child: Identification and Assessment. London: Palgrave; Planning and Intervention in Cases of Child Neglect London: Palgrave. She is currently editing the third edition of The Child's World the Essential Guide to Assessing Vulnerable Children, Young People and their Families. London: Jessica Kingsley. This is due for publication in summer 2018.