Lesley is a Speech and Language Therapist with 25 years’ experience with children. She specialises with deaf and hearing impaired children and others with complex communication needs. Lesley has BSL level 2. Lesley provides expert opinion for Triangle and is also a Registered Witness Intermediary with the Ministry of Justice, providing communication support to very young children and disabled children in their involvement with the police and the courts.

Skills & Attributes

  • Expert Witness
  • Intermediary with Witnesses
  • Intermediary with Defendants
  • Intermediary in Family Courts
  • Trainer
  • Therapist
  • Forensic Interviewer
  • Basic Sign Language +
  • BSL Level 2 +
  • Based in southern England
  • Consultant / researcher

“The level of communication from the child was greatly supported by Lesley in what is a complex investigation. Lesley assisted with obtaining a disclosure of a criminal offence from the child which may not otherwise have been possible”

Police Officer