Advocates safeguard children’s rights and ensure their views are heard

Triangle supports children and young people to express their views about the things that matter to them e.g. in reviews for looked-after children and in Special Education Needs tribunals. Our advocates can communicate using sign, symbols and a range of activity based approaches and we help children present their views in person, in writing, in art and in film. We also train advocates.

‘Children are not merely ‘adults in training’ but people who are able to form and express opinions, to participate in decision-making processes and to influence solutions’.

(UN Convention on the Rights of the Child).

We have particular expertise with children who communicate without speech (including deaf children and young people) and children with learning disability, autism or complex health care needs. Our team includes deaf and disabled adults and young people, and advocates who can communicate using sign, symbols and a range of activity or play based approaches.

We also provide advocacy training and work alongside established children’s advocacy services to develop practice with disabled children, providing mentoring, support, resource development and supervision to working advocates.

‘Supervision with Triangle has been an indispensible support to my role as advocate for learning disabled children and young people.’

Consultative Groups

Triangle runs two consultative groups click here for more information

The Triangle advocate was the first person to listen to my son properly.