Expert witnesses advise on children's evidence, needs and parenting capacity

Triangle provides independent expert opinion to the courts, local authorities and other agencies on a range of issues relating to children and young people’s communication and their needs. We also review the quality of investigative interviews. We often work in small teams but can also provide independent opinion from paediatricians, psychologists, psychotherapists, specialist children's nurses and specialist teachers.

We have a highly experienced, multi-disciplinary team who have provided expert opinion on a wide variety of topics such as;

  • analysis of communication quality within ABE interviews.
  • children’s wishes and feelings, for example about contact arrangements.
  • children and young people’s emotional, communication and behavioural needs.
  • parenting capacity.
  • young people’s capacity to make decisions regarding where they live and about contact arrangements.
  • children’s competence to instruct a solicitor in family court proceedings.
  • assessment of risk.

We have unique expertise with children and young people with a wide range of complex needs and different impairments. Our team includes paediatric neurologists, psychologists, therapists, social workers, nurses, teachers, intermediaries and interpreters. Many have taught and published widely and all are registered with the appropriate regulatory bodies.

How it works

We can provide single expert reports, but most of our assessments are undertaken by small multidisciplinary teams, who produce a single report with clear shared conclusions.

We often work with children who have no clear diagnosis, but are causing high levels of concern, and with children where there are concerns about their welfare or safety.

We actively engage children as partners in our assessments, in ways appropriate to their age and understanding. We work flexibly, spending time with them at home, school or nursery and in other settings.

Taking instructions

We accept joint or single party instructions on behalf of the court.

Please get in touch if you have any further questions.

Triangle are growing their expert witness team. If you are interested in being part of this team and have relevant skills and experience, please get in touch to find out more

Incredibly impressed by Triangle. We all need to know how to "safely open doors" working with children and young people.

Social Worker