Triangle has a strong multidisciplinary team who work from a shared value base and are skilled at communicating with children and young people with a wide range of needs.

We work with children and young people across the UK, in their own settings or at Triangle where we have fully accessible play and art rooms and facilities for visually recording our work with children.

Intermediaries facilitate communication in criminal and family proceedings

Triangle provides skilled intermediaries across the United Kingdom to enable communication with children and young people up to the age of 30. We have particular expertise with very young and very traumatised children and with children and young people with learning disability, autism, brain injury, ADHD, mental health difficulties and physical disability. We also train intermediaries to work in our team with suspects, defendants and with witnesses and parties in family proceedings.

Investigative interviewers enable children’s best evidence in legal proceedings

Triangle conducts investigative interviews with children and young people for both criminal and family proceedings. We have a specialist investigative interviewing team trained to interview within Achieving Best Evidence guidance. We often interview children and young people who have presented challenges to both police and social services; where there perhaps has not been sufficient skill or appropriate resources to interview these children safely and effectively.

Advocates safeguard children’s rights and ensure their views are heard

Triangle supports children and young people to express their views about the things that matter to them e.g. in reviews for looked-after children and in Special Education Needs tribunals. Our advocates can communicate using sign, symbols and a range of activity based approaches and we help children present their views in person, in writing, in art and in film. We also train advocates.

Therapists support children’s development, recovery and well being

Triangle provides a range of child centred therapies: play and art psychotherapy; speech and language therapy; occupational therapy. We also undertake therapeutic life story work using a range of different creative mediums. We can provide wraparound therapeutic support at home and school, and we can provide psychotherapy in British Sign Language (BSL).

Specialist support teams promote children and young people’s safety

Triangle provides a unique and flexible range of services for children and young people up to age of 30 who present with concerning behaviours, including sexually concerning behaviours.

This includes outreach support, direct 1:1 work and groupwork. We have particular expertise with children who have experienced abuse, with Deaf children and children with autism or learning disability. We also train support workers.

Researchers and consultants develop knowledge & evidence-based practice

Triangle undertakes research independently and in collaboration with others. We have very strong links with the Universities of Portsmouth and Teesside and have undertaken research and consultations for the Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE), the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (RCPCH), the NHS, the Department of Education, the Office of the Children's Commissioner and many local authorities.

Expert witnesses advise on children's evidence, needs and parenting capacity

Triangle provides independent expert opinion to the courts, local authorities and other agencies on a range of issues relating to children and young people’s communication and their needs. We also review the quality of investigative interviews. We often work in small teams but can also provide independent opinion from paediatricians, psychologists, psychotherapists, specialist children's nurses and specialist teachers.

Trainers teach new knowledge and skills for working with children and young people.Triangle provides open access and commissioned training, from one hour conference sessions to five day courses.

Our trainers are from a range of backgrounds and all are in direct practice with children; many are recognized as experts in their fields. Our training is practical, participative and fun.

You can buy places on open access conferences and training days, or we can provide training for your team locally. We provide a range of tried and tested courses but also build bespoke courses.

Children and young people contribute to the development of our training and deliver some training directly.