Triangle is an independent organisation enabling children and young people (up to age 30) to communicate about important things, especially in legal proceedings.

Our vision is to reposition children and young people in society as competent communicators and active agents in their own lives.

In the last 20 years we have worked with over 10,000 children and young people across the UK, through intermediary, advocacy, consultancy, specialist support, interviewing and expert opinion services.

Recent news:

Triangle are pleased to have worked collaboratively on this project consulting with children, young people and parents about their experiences.

The GPATH report is now available and published in the NIHR library: click here to read the report

Triangle provides skilled support for children and young people in different settings including legal proceedings and enables children's communication when it matters most, for example when children or young people’s evidence is required by the courts, when their views are needed to inform decisions about their lives, and when adults are trying to understand and respond to concerning behaviours.

Triangle is an independent organisation; not part of any government department, charity or voluntary agency.

We have a strong multidisciplinary team with a shared value base, skilled at communicating with children and young people with a wide range of needs.

We have particular expertise with very young children and those with complex communication needs arising from impairment, neglect or trauma. We aim to set the standard in the UK and beyond for careful and effective communication with children and young people.

We are regularly instructed in the most complex and high profile situations, and have been involved in many landmark developments in children’s evidence.

We also provide training and resources and contribute to national policy and guidance.

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You can read about Triangle's work in a 2018 article in the Guardian here

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Did you know…
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Triangle supported the youngest ever witness to give evidence about a murder (aged four at trial, 2014).
Triangle provided the first intermediary for a child in a Republic of Ireland criminal trial (2016).
Triangle were involved the first time barristers wore casual clothes for cross-examination (not just no wigs and gowns; 2015).
Triangle first used two intermediaries with a child with extremely complex needs (2015).
Triangle provided intermediary support for the first use of the filmed evidence of a two year old in a criminal trial (2015).
Triangle were involved with the first video ID parade with a young child (2014).
Triangle first used a den in the live-link room for a very traumatised child at trial (2012).
Triangle were involved with the first additional charges laid on basis of evidence given during filmed refreshing of testimony (2012).
Triangle were involved with the first three year old called to trial (2011).
Triangle introduced the first planned use of non-adjourned breaks at trial (2007).
Triangle staff provided the first communication support in investigative interviews (1991, more than a decade before intermediaries were introduced).
Triangle undertook the first pre-recorded cross-examination for family proceedings (2014).
Triangle staff conducted the first interview with a child entirely in drawing and writing (2013).
Triangle staff first used a brief film to explore truth and lies at interview (2008).
Triangle first presented children’s behaviour as filmed evidence in a fact finding hearing about fictitious and induced illness (2002).
People from seven countries have attended Triangle training: England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales, Republic of Ireland, Jersey and New Zealand.
13 police forces have sent officers to Triangle's FQC programme.
115 people have graduated from Triangle's FQC programme.
Triangle's FQC programme has now run 13 times.
We work with babies, children and young people from birth up to age 30.
We have a team of 12 based in the North East, with an office at Teesside University.
All our directors work with children and young people.
All our trainers work with children and young people.
We have worked with more than 10,000 children and young people.
We have supported almost 300 children aged five and under to give evidence.
We have been visited by two MPs, two DPPs and seven Judges!
We have hosted teams visiting from Sweden, South Korea and New Zealand.
We have trained more than 40,000 professionals.
We undertake pre-recorded cross-examinations for family proceedings (where we put the questions to the children).
We are independent: we are not part of any government department or charity.
More than 1000 people have been down our slide, mostly children. Only three people got hurt: a police officer a paediatrician and a judge.
Triangle interviewing teams led the first interviews with a child in a den (2012) and a child’s face off camera (2016).
A Triangle intermediary first brought counsel to the live-link room to conduct cross-examination face to face (2011).
Triangle staff provided the first intermediary for a child witness in a Republic of Ireland criminal trial (2016).
A Triangle intermediary gained judicial approval for a child to give evidence on a rocking horse (2016).