Triangle contribute to CORC project

Triangle were delighted to be invited as contributors to an important project with CORC about hearing the voice of children and young people with learning disabilities.

Triangle’s contribution to the training materials and project learnings can be viewed on the CORC website with references to the work of Triangle founder Dr Ruth Marchant and Triangle Director Maxime Cole. The findings from the project can be viewed on the CORC website:

Triangles ‘best practice examples’ are included and our resources have been signposted in a range of places, as well as within the CPS ‘Special Measures’ elements and their description of the Social Model of Disability in Use of Language. The project summary details revised guidance, with Triangle contributing this important quote from our Founder, Ruth on front page

‘Whilst this guidance focuses on children and young people with complex learning and communication needs, it is relevant for all children and young people as, “getting things right for children with complex needs will improve practice with all children” (Marchant, 2010)4’