Triangle training is at the forefront of developing truly child-centred practice. We deliver our range of courses across the UK.

We deliver our range of courses as well as bespoke options from both our main centre in Brighton and on site at your own venue.

Our training, developed by our expert team over 25 years, has been widely recognised as leading the field for professionals who work directly with children who are very young, who have communication impairments or where abuse and trauma is a factor.

Those who benefit include independent support workers, police, social and health workers, legal professionals and voluntary sector organisations.

All Triangle trainers are also practitioners who work directly with children and young people. The lively and engaging teaching style combines a strong value based with practical skill teaching.

Our most popular courses, ranging from introductory level to expert include;

Advanced Challenging Behaviour (1 trainer for 1 day)

Advanced Communication and Consultation (1 trainer for 2 days)

Advocacy Skills with Disabled Children and Young People (1 trainer for 1 day)

Autism and Communication (1 trainer for 1 day)

Opening Doors – Careful Communication with Children (CCC) (2 trainers for 2 days)

FQC: Forensic Questioning of Children Development Programme (2 trainers for 3 days)

Introduction to Challenging Behaviour (1 trainer for 1 day)

Introduction to Communication and Consultation (1 trainer for 2 days)

Non-directive Communication (1 trainer, half a day)

Safeguarding Disabled Children and Young People: What works? (1 trainer for 1 days 

School workshop - how to respond to concerns (1 trainer for 1 hour)

ABE overview - how to assess for, and recognise best practice in ABE interviews (1 trainer for half a day)

Deaf Awareness training (1 trainer for 1 day)

We are able to design a bespoke package to suit the needs of your organisation,

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We also offer a range of DVD's and handbooks for professionals and other resources for children



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