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Come and find out what we do at Triangle

We will be holding an open morning on the first Wednesday of every month between 10 and 11a.m.

 The dates are as follows:

 Jul 1st, Aug 5th and Sep 2nd.

 Amy Butterfield, one of our young trainers, will give a short presentation followed by time for questions, a tour of the building and a look at our resources.


To book a place please call: 01273 305888 or email: 

Truth & Lies

We are excited to announce the launch of our new app and DVD.

For children’s evidence to be used in criminal or family proceedings, they need to demonstrate their understanding of the difference between truth and lies.

Developed with children, and tried and tested in more than 200 police interviews and criminal trials, these brief (10-20 second) film clips show real children telling the truth or telling lies about events proven to engage children and young people. 

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Disability Matters

Triangle has been working alongside the RCPCH to find out what children, young people, parents, carers and professionals think about the proposed Disability e-Learning Portal. More than 200 children and young people were consulted, and more than 1000 adults.

Across all stakeholder groups it was suggested that people think they will learn best about disability from the perspectives and experiences of the disabled child and young person.

As summarised by one of the young people who took part:  If everyone was the same in this world life would be  a torment. We need people that are different. 







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Expert Opinion

We can provide single expert reports, but most of our assessments are undertaken by small multidisciplinary teams, who produce a single report with clear shared conclusions.

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Triangle provides skilled intermediaries to enable communication with children and young people from age to 2 to age 25, whose evidence is needed by the police or the courts.

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Advocacy and Consultation

Triangle supports children and young people to express their views about the things that matter to them.

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Concerning Behaviour

Triangle provides a unique and flexible range of services for children and young people up to age 19 who present with sexually concerning behaviours (SCB).


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Training and Research

We provide training across the UK led by experienced trainers who are in direct practice with children. We also undertake research independently and in collaboration with others.

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We conduct investigative interviews with children for criminal, family or civil proceedings, instructed by the police, the CPS, defence solicitors and the courts.

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