Triangle enables children's communication when it matters most, for example when children or young people’s evidence is required by the courts, when their views are needed to inform decisions about their lives, and when adults are trying to understand and respond to concerning behaviours.

Triangle is an independent organisation; not part of any government department, charity or voluntary agency.

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23 Jun 2016

IIIRG Annual Conference 2016

Today Ruth will be presenting at the annual International Investigative Interviewing Research Group (IIIRG) conference 2016; covering the topic ‘Age is not determinative’ The evidence of very young children in the Engli…

15 Dec 2015

New toolkits published to help with communication

Triangle has written six toolkits for the advocates gateway. The toolkits can be downloaded (free). 1a Case Management when a witness or defendant is vulnerable This tookit was written by Carly McAuley with assist…

26 Jun 2015

New Website!

Triangle is building a new children's website to be ready for January 2016. The website will replace Young Triangle.

26 Jun 2015

Three Way Street

Triangle has made a new film about three way meetings, called Three Way Street.