Triangle provides skilled support for children and young people in different settings including legal proceedings and enables children's communication when it matters most, for example when children or young people’s evidence is required by the courts, when their views are needed to inform decisions about their lives, and when adults are trying to understand and respond to concerning behaviours.

Triangle is an independent organisation; not part of any government department, charity or voluntary agency.

Triangle works with children and young people across the UK. We have a strong multidisciplinary team with a shared value base, skilled at communicating with children and young people with a wide range of needs.

Our vision is to reposition children and young people in society as competent communicators and active agents in their own lives.

We have particular expertise with very young children and those with complex communication needs arising from impairment, neglect or trauma. We aim to set the standard in the UK and beyond for careful and effective communication with children and young people.

We are regularly instructed in the most complex and high profile situations, and have been involved in many landmark developments in children’s evidence.

We also provide training and resources and contribute to national policy and guidance.

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5 Dec 2016

Amy's account - CPS Advocacy Conference

“On 28th November [2016] I attended the CPS Advocacy Conference in London. It was very well attended by CPS advocates from all areas of the country. There were a number of very interesting speakers including Lord Fulfor…

14 Nov 2016

Court Training Day - Laetitia's account

Triangle was involved in a court training day at Lewes Crown Court on Saturday. Here's what Laetitia said about her day in court: A scenario was created with 3 defendants and several witnesses. Lucy (also from Triang…

20 Oct 2016

FQC round 6 is underway!

FQC round 6 is underway! We have 10 participants on this month's Forensic Questioning of Children course. This is our 6th run of this popular course and our participants and staff are working hard to complete it success…

14 Oct 2016

Expert Opinions Needed

We're looking for people to join our Expert Opinion team We're recruiting! We are interested in hearing from people in the follow areas: - Psychologists - Social Workers - Occupational Therapists We are lookin…